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How to play slot Book of Dead

Strategies and tactics in Book of Dead slot - how to play

Online casino slots are one of the most popular ways of entertainment for people of all ages and professions. Slot machines allow you to enjoy excitement and win very good money. Moreover, the chances of luck are always very high, which makes online casinos and slots so popular not only among gamblers, but also among professional players.

Book of Dead is rightfully considered one of the most popular slots. Its success is not accidental, because the amount of return of money placed is 96.21 per cent. And this means that the player, even with the most unfortunate development of events, will not lose so much money. But you can earn really good money with the Book of Dead slot. The presence of free spins, scatters and expanding symbols that appear on the reels with enviable regularity have already made Book of Dead a hit at many well-known online casinos. And this means that the game is worth it!

On this page, we have collected the most common strategies and tactics of the Book of Dead game, which will certainly allow you to unravel all the mysteries of the Book of Dead.

How to make money in the Book of Dead

How to make money on the Book of the Dead

There is a widespread opinion among gambling sceptics that it is impossible to win at a casino. Allegedly, specially written programs, mathematical strategies and game theory are powerless in front of a random number generator. This is not to say that this is not at all the case, but it is still possible to argue that this is not quite so. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world daily earn millions of dollars and euros at casinos and change their lives for the better.

Changing strategies is the first step to success in Book of Dead

Changing strategies is the first step to success in Book of Dead

The main strategy of most successful players is to constantly change strategies. The logic here is very simple: after knocking on thousands of doors, one will definitely open. Of course, this can take both time and money, but when it comes to the game as a profession, and not as a job, any tools should be used.

Book of Dead slot tactics

There is no specific strategy for playing Book of Dead. However, there are a large number of useful behaviours that work for all slots.

Tactics when playing Book of Dead slot

Changing slots

Very often you can hear that professional gamblers change one slot for another in search of the one that will start to give back, that is, it will give the opportunity to win. During these searches, you can lose substantial amounts, but the so-called hot slot found can also become a real gold mine.

The mechanics of such a game is very simple: slot machines are changed after 10-15 bets, paying attention to the number of winnings that fall out. If you follow such a strategy, it is important to catch the moment when combinations on the lines begin to appear in the game, scatters or free spins fall out. With a high degree of probability, the winning streak will consist of 5-7 spins. If after that the machine stopped allow you to win, you change it to another.

An interesting feature of this strategy is that you can have a great time playing for a couple of hours, because many casinos offer slots with a variety of themes and a variety of options. Some, like Book of Dead, are limited to 10 lines, and in some, the number of winning combinations can reach hundreds of thousands.


Personal security and safety of your data while playing have always been important concern of professional players. However, the need to be unrecognizable is connected with another aspect of a successful game. The fact is that many online casinos are not just well-programmed servers. Most of them work on neural networks that calculate user behaviour based on big data. Cookie files are involved, which saved by computer when visiting sites, the user's location and even data about which device they use.

That is why it is important to become as impersonal as possible for the machine with which you play the game. You can use the incognito mode available in a lot of browsers, open the site by slipping casino client in another browser, use a virtual machine or VPN. Any of these factors can play into the hands of a solid win.

Changing bets - ladders

One of the most common strategies for many slots is changing bets. In the Book of Dead slot, you can change the denomination of coins, the number of coins per line or the number of pay lines. Changing these parameters according to a given algorithm, as a rule, leads to the fact that the machine warms up and starts to give out.

The essence of strategy is very simple. Every two or three rounds, the player needs to change one of parameters. Most often, gamblers change bet size to half of the previous one in order to see which of them will start working for the player for each spin. The strategy is called ladder, because the minimum bets start to be made almost from one cent, quite often reaching the maximum bets.

The successful bet remains unchanged until the end of the winning streak. And after slot machine no longer produces winning combinations, you continue to raise or lower the bet.

Strategies in Book of Dead

Strategy in Book of Dead

The maximum risk with Martingale bet

This way of playing is suitable for players with a solid wallet and a healthy heart. This strategy is so serious that it will increase the size of the wallet at times or empty it completely. However, the feeling of game is only comparable to jumping out of an aeroplane without a reserve parachute - if the main one does not open, things are bad.

The game according to this scheme starts at the minimum bet. With each spin, the bet is doubled until a winning combination appears, after which it will be necessary to return to the beginning of process. It is believed that in this way it will be possible to feed the machine with money and at some point the slot will give out a big jackpot. At the same time, you play on preheated slots that are about to win. Their list is usually displayed on the main page of online casino.

Measured Games with Parlay Strategy

High risk is not fun for everyone. Therefore, lovers of a calm and measured game are more suitable for the famous Parlay strategy. Its main advantage is the ability to use game balance for as long as possible. This increases the number of available spins and, as a result, the chances of a big win.

If Martingale scheme is more like a jump into the abyss with many unknowns, then Parlay strategy is akin to a comfortable flight in a private jet with an experienced pilot.

The scheme of the game within the framework of this strategy is to constantly lower bet after each loss. At the same time, you can start the game not with the maximum, but with very moderate rates.

Game Book of Dead without risks and investments

Book of Dead game without risks and investments

Good training is known to help a lot in combat. Therefore, before starting the game, you should always try free mode (demo version) and understand how the game works. At most online casinos, the Book of Dead game is available in demo mode. This provides several undeniable advantages at once:

  • enjoy the game without risks and investments;
  • get acquainted in detail with the mechanics of the slot machine, study rules and evaluate chances of success;
  • adapt to the gameplay, learn how to make deliberate bets and control your emotions.

Play for money in Book of Dead slot

Playing for money in Book of Dead slot

When preparing to play for real money, the simple rules of a healthy game will be an excellent guide to action. We advise you to master them before starting a risky game at the casino. These tips will save you from a serious loss, and allow you to get not only positive emotions, but also start playing for the benefit of your wallet:

  • It's important to know your limits

    The main skill of any professional player is the ability to stop in time. When starting to play, it is important to constantly keep your finger on the pulse in order to tell yourself to stop at the right moment. Casino games are called gambling for a reason. They are addictive from the first seconds, and therefore it is a cool head and a sober calculation that will be the best helpers for beginning gamblers.

  • Set the limits

    Complying with the predetermined limit is another important rule of a professional gambler. A game budget of no more than 10 per cent of the deposit amount is considered a classic. Also, do not make maximum bets in pursuit of the jackpot. Small wins at moderate stakes are sure to yield the expected capital gains.

  • Be ready for everything 

    The most important piece of advice is to be honest with yourself. Gambling provides endless opportunities, but also entails certain risks in the form of losses. It’s definitely not worth getting upset about each of them, because even after the worst storm the sky becomes clear.