Reviews of the game Book of Dead

Book of Dead - a slot machine that has become legendary for fans of online gambling.

We have collected the opinions of players who have earned and lost in the Book of Dead slot, so that they can share their experiences with you. How to play the Book of Dead slot and win real money? Which Book of Dead strategy to choose? What mistakes to avoid? We will be glad if you share your own experience on how to play Book of Dead online slot.

Reviews of real players on the Book of Dead slot

Review: Men often drop out in Book of Dead


I laughed so hard when I first heard that expression. They would lay down in such piles in front of me! But seriously, it is because of the high returns that I have been playing this slot for a long time. It is always hot. So, there have never been any problems with going into the red in Book of Dead.

Anna, 32

Review: Spin Book of Dead slot and you will be happy


Due to recent events, gambling, betting and other online ways of making money are the only things left for us. I spin reels every day. Previously, at least there was work, now everything is an iron curtain and a hopeless future. It’s good that the money was not in the state bank, but in the crypt. Due to this, I managed to save them, and many online casinos are now willingly accepting crypto. They don't care where the money comes from. The main thing is to replenish your account and spin. Won - well done, did not win - for them it is also good. There are no problems with the withdrawal, but how to cash out the crypt after winning at the casino - google it yourself. I will play Book of Dead for sure.

Markos, 27

Review: Go and play Book of Dead


My friend and I chatted and he showed me that they added a topic to the books in games. You can bet and win real money. We chose Book of Dead, and I showed him directly by example that he is a sucker and does not understand how to play. In short, I raised 250 dollars in 15 minutes. In one session! This is a real topic. They even show you the previous cards! You don't even have to count like in poker! In short, to whom it is useful - use it. Take a simple win on the lines and start gamble. And then sit and poke on the colour. You rarely get screwed up. The machine on this topic really gives.

Mayra, 39

Review: There is something wrong with Book of Dead RTP


It is believed that the slot lags in many casinos to reduce the RTP. What 96%?! It does not give 80. For several years that I have been spinning this slot from time to time. I was in great luck twice. I've never seen five on reels. I gave x40, but no more! It seems that the scandal with the RTP was a long time ago, but the topic has not been completely closed. So, spin modern slots, not this muck. In the books, the balance comes to zero!

Sam, 23

Review: In England Book of Dead is top


I don’t know, but many people write that it’s not normal to make money in slots for books, but for me, this is not at all the case. For me, books are just great. We live in England and here slots like Book of Dead are presented at all casinos, right on the main pages. Of course, there may be a suspicion that they are there in order to ... mislead the people. But Book of Dead works fine for me. It's in my top 5 slots. And it spins well and gives a lot winning. So, I don’t understand the complaints about the low RTP at all. Perhaps there are some problems associated with geotags. That is, I would try a VPN so that I don’t run around mirrors. You can try, by the way, and slip pictures into the European system. Indians here say that they also have problems, but virtual machines somewhere in Holland solve problems for sure.

Mike, 34

Review: Book of Dead is a simple and nice game


I didn't think I'd be doing something like this at my old age. But suddenly I started playing. My daughter gave me an iPad, I downloaded all sorts of games, 2048 and puzzles. And then I saw that my son-in-law was also playing something. What is it, I asked, and he said: this is a casino, online. He said he earned money from this. We sat for a day, and he explained everything to me. Now I'm making money, too. I usually play a game with a boy with a backpack or play cards. But lately, I've been liking this toy. There you can guess the map. So I guessed and managed to earn 500 dollars. That's why I decided to write to your site. I am very satisfied.

Stepania, 67

Review: Book of Dead is crazy excitement


I don't understand why people spend money and play for money. Especially when there is a test balance in the demo version. I registered using a promotional code and the coins were immediately credited to my balance. So, I do not play for real money and all games work. They say that there are some restrictions, but I didn’t notice them, everything works and works fine. Yes, you can’t withdraw winnings and ask to replenish the balance, but I didn’t win enough to give something to the casino.

Jessica, 56

Review: Interface in Book of Dead is nice


I've gone through a lot of games like this. I remember that the first experience with buttons happened back in the 90s, when we were playing in bars and cafes. Everyone played them back then. Then there was a break. Then I got hooked on online games. I began to play poker, black jet, and sometimes, having nothing to do, I played slots. Before they were downright scary. The first had no graphics, no music, and no special effects. With the current state of development, of course, it’s not possible to compare. Book of Dead, I must say, is already a bit old. For me, it lacks modern features. Wilds are revealed only on free spins. Scatters appear once a year. But the machine gives out small and medium wins. In principle, you can play, but there are more interesting slots.

Victor, 52

Review: Free spins must be wagered with money in Book of Dead


I signed up at one of the online casinos. I thought that, as they wrote here, you can play on the game balance. But no! Half of the functions in test mode simply do not work. Books drop out, but free spins are triggered only if the balance is replenished. Complete bullshit. I just want to play and not pay money to the casino! Is it really impossible to put free games on all these sites?!

Emily, 24

Review: Have you tried using your brain?


Here they write that the machine does not give back, that the RTP is bullshit ... So you need to choose a normal strategy. Fortunately, there are a lot of them on this site, and in general on the Internet. Just start to think, read, study game theory. Everything works and slot gives money. Book of the Dead has been hanging at all tops for a long time. There was news that people were catching jackpots. If you are unlucky, this does not mean at all that the machine does not give back! It is always hot! So, don't talk nonsense! Use ladders, change bets and choose the best combination. Everything works. Sometimes I spin at bets of 10 and 20 dollars. Again, the question is how seriously you take it. And to sit with 10 dollars in the account and play for cents - of course, not a single machine will give back. After all, casinos live in order to pay bonuses to a bunch of ghouls!

Michael, 47

Review: Give yourself a break with Book of Dead


Girls, I don't know if you're here. But I will share a good recipe - play with your man at an online casino. So you will be for him not only a cook and a mother of children, but also a friend and a partner in the difficult business of gambling. And if you win, then there will be no limit to joy, and at this moment it is worth hinting that the celebration in the bedroom is only more interesting. Don't thank me!

Alexandra, 23

Review: Don’t be afraid to spin slots


I fell in love with slots. Previously, crash games were the main source of income, but it was not possible to shoot a lot on them and not work well. At first, the slots were also a complete fiasco. And as soon as I started spinning the old and well-known slots, the topic immediately went uphill. Good wins are coming in. About 100 dollars a day is a normal level of winning.

Sasha, 23

Review: Choose the right casino and play Book of Dead


People, I want to warn everyone: choose a reliable casino! Here is a tolerable list. And I had trouble. I signed up at one casino and won 5k dollars, but they didn’t let me withdraw the money. Casino said that over 3k, account verification was needed. I sent almost all the pages of the passport. The next day they wrote that the account was confirmed, but the money still couldn't be withdrawn, since the security service suspected me of using fraudulent programs. They say that the check will not be completed soon, but it is clear that this is an unwillingness for payout. Then I registered at one of the casinos from the list on this site. I won 2k USD, and they transferred everything to the wallet on the same day without any problems! As they say, feel the difference!

John, 38

Review: Follow bet in Book of Dead


Book of Dead – is a good slot. It has an excellent reputation. It gave me good winnings, and my acquaintances spoke of it with respect. It has its own feature, free spins are often rolled out. So, look at the bet. With a normal size bet, there will be a normal win. It is worth counting on the fact that one prize session accounts for an average of 200 spins. If you put it on autoplay, it flies royally well.

Sid, 41

Review: Make money in slot Book of Dead is real


Book of Dead has its own characteristics. The slot pays well, but at medium rates. That is, it is definitely not worth waiting for treasured books. This slot pays more on small wins. The longer the game time, the more pictures are poured. Someone wrote here that the prize series arrives every 200-300 spins. A very plausible choice. From my experience, I have 15-20 minutes without a win, and then a full return, with one free spin after another. So, the longer the timing of the game, the higher the chances.

Park, 48

Review: Just a nice slot Book of Dead


Previously, with a smirk and sarcasm, I read all these stories about slot design, returns, winning combinations and strategies. Well, really, this is all for the children. A slot is a computer program in a shell. And what difference does it make what design it has? Then I began to play more and more often. I realized that when you sit at the machine for half an hour, and your money disappears into nowhere, the design of the slot is quite important. Oddly enough, but longer animation increases the chances of success. Apparently, there is a counter inside the engine. For me, from book slots, this is the best. And it allows you to win and the graphics are not annoying, because sometimes there are absolutely terrible slots.

Michael, 54

Review: Online games like Book of Dead – reliable earnings


After graduating from the university, I had a misfortune – I was sent into the army. It was there that the boys showed slots, crashes and other games. Then I returned to my small town. And there is no work here, at all. You have to go either to one of two large cities. Now I have another computer for games. Reminds me of the army days. I spin on the casino website and withdraw a lot of cash. It’s a pity that you can’t find a crypto exchanger in the city, but there are p2p transfers. So, here's some advice. Everything depends on us. There are always options. Even if there is no work in the city, employment can be found. In general, I am very grateful to the army for this experience of survival.

Kelvin, 28

Review: Raise the stakes in Book of Dead


Guys, well, look, the slot is good, highly dispersed. Winnings here are small, but happen often. What does it mean? This means that the stakes need to be raised. At normal rates, the jackpot, of course, cannot be caught, but the chances of getting a good win increase significantly. It's just simple arithmetic.

Vihnod, 27

Review: So far at zero in the slot Book of Dead


Folks, I signed up using the link, put money into my wallet and got a nice bonus. It's good news. The bad news is that so far nothing. I lost 20 per cent of my balance and the machine did not give anything back. Could it be that the casino automatically limits the winnings until you drain the bonus balance? If anyone has verified information on schemes, rates or such restrictions, please, write about it. I hoped to earn extra money quickly, but so far at zero ...

Nelson, 24

Review: Book of Dead doesn't launch on a phone or a tablet


Can anyone tell me what's wrong? My slot does not start either from the phone or from the tablet. It tells me to update my browser. The rest of the games and programs on the phone work normally. True, the phone is already old, the iPhone 6 plus. It doesn't update, but everything works. The iPad is also not new - mini 2. Again, it is not updated. Is my equipment really so old and it's time to send it to the trash? Other sites open without problems. Does anyone have information?

Jefty, 58